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Liberty Pawn & The Jewelry Buyers

  • This place is an awesome pawn shop! The people there are very friendly and is willing to work with you to get the money you need for the items you pawn. I've been to other pawn shops and this place is by far my favorite.
    Nick Brakhop
  • I've been here twice now within 2 years to pawn the same Gold Coin and each visit has been a fast, friendly, and very professional experience. Nick was the employee who helped me last and he's a no bull type of guy but is very flexible with getting what you want. Definitely worth the drive and time to go up here.
    Chuck Fowler
  • Thank you Liberty Pawn! I was recently in a bind and needed some cash. The only thing I had of value was an Apple product - and I needed back the following week. I tried 2 places before finding Liberty. I went to a small private shop that held you to the 3 month term, not letting you pay in full early. Forget that. Then there is the famous Super Pawn...I hate them. Not only are they the most awkward people ever, they do not give you fair value for your item. Thankfully, I found Liberty. The staff was genuine, super friendly and honest. They take pride in their business and are very fair with their lending practices. If I'm ever in a bind again, I will definitely come back.
    Dee H.
  • We have been here a few times. Liberty is awesome! They always treat you very kindly and do all they can to help people. I won't go anywhere else. Liberty, thanks for being there!
    Michael M.
  • I would recommend Liberty Pawn to people. The staff was so friendly and helpful. I needed cash and they help me out. Thank you Liberty Pawn & The Jewelry Buyers you are AWESOME!!!!
    Pamela Logan
  • The staff was very nice. The business is very clean and professional. I would definitely tell people how clean and nice Liberty Pawn is. I will never go anywhere else to pawn, loan, ext... I am very impressed.